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Thread: Electrostatic Question in Conveying System

  1. Electrostatic question in Conveying system

    Dear Sir,
    We meet the electrostatic question in pneumatic conveying system for coal powder. There are some block in the system because of electrostatic causeing caol mass.Would you please give me some advise for solveing this electrostatic question?
    Best regards
    Settee Zhang
    Compass Bulk Handling System Pte Ltd. Beijing Office,China

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    I doubt very much that electrostatic charges are causing the line to plug up. Most likely, the reason for line plugging is low conveying velocity.

    But you should ground the conveying lines to dissipate the electrostatic charge. Grounding must be continuous.

    Let me know if we solve your problem

    Amrit Agarwal (Tim)

    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants
    Fax 304 346 5125

  3. Dear Sir,

    Did you have this kinds of experience for conveying system? Can you sure the electrostatic charge could cause the block of the conveying line? we had already grounded the line in the conveying system.Looking forward your kindly reply soon.
    Best regards
    Settee Zhang
    Compass Bulk Handling System Pte Ltd. Beijing Office,China

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    Please refer to my e-mail sent to you this morning. Hope that it answers your questions.

    If I can be any further help, feel free to contact us.

    Amrit Agarwal(Tim)
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

  5. dear zxtds,
    I agree with the earlier response!
    With very abrasive materials such as coal, it is advisable to keep conveying velocities as low as possible. Generally, as time goes on, production increases, with increased system loadings, while the condition of the plant and equipment deteriorate. under these conditions, blockages can be expected. If you are experiencing static, then I would advise you to ensure that the system is grounded to earth. YOU DO NOT WANT A DUST EXPOLSION!!

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    I've seen an electrostatic charge cause a blockage in a system conveying a plastic material but never with coal or similar materials. You didn't state what material the conveying line is and I would assume steel but I have, in the past, had a customer use ABS pipe for the conveying line on a cement system. Static on this was a huge problem. Fortunatley the customer finally followed our recommendations and put a steel line in.

    My point is that while static electricty would seem an unlikely cause of the line blockage you should ensure that the conveying line is properly grounded and that there is ground continuity between each piping component.

    It's been my experience that most line plugging is caused by insufficient air volume for the amount of product being fed into the system. This can be a result of overloading the line or a reduction in air volume either through leakage or changes in the air source or filter.

    Hope this helps

    If I can be of further assistance you can contact me either through this forum or at


    Allen Powell
    Allen L. Powell

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