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Thread: Stag Bends or Diverter Pots

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    Stag bends or diverter pots

    Has anyone used these in systems for transporting sand or cement in dense phase. If so, how have they performed?

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    Good question

    Tell me more. What is a stag-bend?

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    check out

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    Thanks Choppert,

    I have been a consultant to Stag South Africa for yonks. What is a "stag bend"?

    Sgt John Rozentals BE
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  5. I have experience with both type of bends for pneumatic lines in a sysem which wasn't "trully" dense phased but it was more dense than dilute.

    For materials like cement, and most fly ashes which tend to fluidize well and stay reasonably fluidized, they worked fine. I believe there can be some additional pressure drop depending where the bend is installed in the system but that's no different than any other style of short radius or "target box" type of bend.

    Thee stag bends I believe are fairly inexpensive and can easily be made to acccomodate alomost any angle you need.

    Hope this helps


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    These bens work well in cement industry.
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