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Thread: Handling of Pastelike Slurry (Carbon-Fe)

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    handling of pastelike slurry (carbon-Fe)

    What are the option of handling a paste like slurry?
    Say, a thickener or clarifier that was undrground was drained. Bulk of the sludge was diluted with water and pumped out. The material that got left behind was thick and coarse, and not readily pumpable.

  2. If you consider pumping only there are high pressure positive displacement plunger/diaphragm pumps to handle very thick slurry like pest. GEHO Netherland is one of such pump manufacturer as well as technology provider.The other option which is well known is to spread the thick slurry on a wll spanned area, dry out and then scrap to collect into some carrier to dispose away.

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    eleveyor Guest
    If you have just a one-shot project, my solution would not be cost efficient. However, if you have an ongoing condition at the same location, you might consider our EleVeyor® sandwich belt conveyor system. Typically this system is used to handle wastewater sludge cake coming of belt filter presses or centrifuges in wastewater treatment facilities. These sludges contain as little as 12% solids.

    I suggest you view the website

    Werrner Plaut

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    Mike Albrecht Guest
    Depending on total distance, required lift and frequency you have several options:

    Frequent - Medium Long Distance (1 km+) - High lift (100 M+): The hihg pressure positive displacment pumps are probably the best option.

    Frequent - Short Distance (< 1km) - Short Lift (<50M): The conveyor option is a good option, alternative medium pressure positive diplacment pumps.

    Infrequent - Short Distance - any lift: Two options - muck cars or pipe drag conveyor, the last being more of a 1 shot deal.

    The big problem comes with Infrequent - Long Disance - High lift: Then you are probably talking about muck cars or hireing a contractor.

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    dealing with slurry paste

    Have you considered the idea of rehydrating and then using a belt press dewatering system to segregate the paste (off loaded from the discharge chutes as dewatered products is scraped from the belt) from the discharge water off the belt press, which thereafter can be reintroduced to rehydrate remaining slurry.

    The system works pretty good and energy consumption is minimal.

    The process does require a polymer which bonds particles together to form "flocks" (molecule chains).

    The Germans and Dutch have developed several high volumn belt dewatering press operations. I would recommend you contact:

    The system is actually quite flexible though I do highly recommend pumping hydrated slurry into a holding tank in close proximity to the dewatering machinery rather than pumping directly from the slurry site to the belt dewatering press.

  6. V Type ISO-Veyor for Carbon Sludge

    Dear Sir,

    Our company InBulk Technologies, has designed a specialised intermodal tank container capable of conveying difficult substances including carbon sludges and slurries.
    The system works from a compressed air supply and conveying distances upto 100m.

    This technology has been utilised by the oil industry for transfer and storage of 'drill cuttings' for off-shore applications. Please visit the website for more information.

    The units are available as capital sale or lease.

    Best regards

    Dean Reilly
    InBulk Technologies Ltd
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