Goan Iron Ore exporters are using transshippers for loading iron ore into
gearless PANAMAX and Cape Size vessels from 1969. The transshippers are
handy-size ships equipped with grab cranes for transferring ore from river
barges onto hoppers feeding conveyor belt system mounted on the transshipper vessel for loading the Panamax / Cape size ship. Transshippers have typically 2 cranes and achieve a loading rate of 25,000 TPD. There are 5 transshippers in operation. About 20 million tonnes of iron ore was exported from Goa in season of 2001-2002 (October 2001 to May 2002).

The transshippers are aging and will need replacement by 2004/05. Our clients are interested in looking at Floating Cranes to replace transshippers. Such cranes are in operation in Indonesia for loading coal from Kalimantan Island.

Is there any literature / articles published giving performance of such cranes.


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