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Thread: Modern Marine Grain Terminals

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    CJReinhardt Guest

    Modern Marine Grain Terminals

    I would appreciate some real world benchmark values for vessel loading and discharge rates (in MT/Hour) at typical and state-of-the-art grain ports around the world. I am particularly interesting in vessel discharge rates. Thank you!

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    pedro43m - Barceloa, spain Guest


    Attn. Mr. Director

    Dear Sirs,

    Through International Port Broker, S.L., Flat Silos (fixed or movable) have been installed at many places in Spain (Barcelona, Sevilla, Huelva, Santander, Canary Islands, Pasajes, etc.) and outside of Spain ( France, Greece, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, etc.). We have sold more than 60,000 sq. meters.

    These Silos feature an anti-pollution system, electronic levels and valves for distribution and filling and are perfectly tight so they avoid any pollution to the exterior.

    The investments are inferior than the large structures of vertical silos, which require expensive piloting since they are built on port areas and is difficult to apply polivalence with other type of cargo.

    The Flat Silos enable to meet the needs of different traffics as: cement, clinker, cereals, flours, phosphates, etc., summarizing, all type of bulks. As the Flat Silos can be Movable that allows to change the location of the Silos in the interior of the ports or to other sites and re-use the 95% of the material.

    We can also supply aditional material like Pneumatic Systems for Loading and Unloading the Bulk Cargo from/to Ship/Silo.

    Technical features of Flat Silos:

    - Completely pre-manufactures structures, laminated steel.

    - Standard models from 15 m. wide up to 40 m., spaces every 5 meters, diaphanous structures. Contention lateral height as requested (recommended up to 5 m.).

    -Resistance to the wind from 125 to 170 km/h. Snow resistance from 45 to 75 kg/m2.

    - Anticorrosive protection, translucid material bands 10/12% surface of the plant.

    - Cover and closing with pre-polished galvanized plate.

    - Sliding bascule doors, electric, pedestrian, etc.

    We enclose some pictures regarding the Flat Silos. A List of References is available.

    If your company is interested in having more details about our Flat Silos you can contact us:

    Barcelona (Spain)
    Fax: 34-93-4189698

    Yours sincerely

    Pedro Turu
    I.P.B., S.L.
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