Innovative Rotary Level Indicator Offers Significant Advanced Technology

(Lincoln, Nebr.—March 9, 2007) BinMaster, a leading manufacturer of industrial level control products, introduced the newest in its line of rotary indicators: the BMRX Rotary Bin Level Indicator. The cost-effective new paddle-style product includes state-of-the-art refinements that make it more secure and reliable, as well as easier to maintain.

The BMRX comes with a four-bearing drive shaft assembly that reduces motor drag. It also includes easy access to the electronics through a triple-threaded screw-off cover and removable wire terminals for easy wiring, plus an easy-access dual conduit entrance. New fail-safe protection eliminates process accidents. Use the BMRX to prevent bin overflows, empty conditions, clogged chutes and jammed conveyors that cost time and money.

The affordable BMRX comes in a variety of styles for different applications, with various couplings, paddles and extensions to accommodate any dry bulk material storage or flow need. It can be used in materials with bulk density as low as 2 lb/ft3 (30 kg/m3).

BinMaster offers a complete selection of reliable, top-quality industrial instrumentation used worldwide for inventory management and control, including point level detection, dry flow/no flow detection, aeration, and indication of hazardous dust concentration. BinMaster instruments can start or stop machinery instantly when product reaches a specified level or show whether product is flowing freely.

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