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    Double Screw Conveyor

    On drilling for oil and gas the drill head is always operated in connection with so called drilling mud - a mixture of diverse chemical products, which is lubricants, corrosion preventing products, biocides, heavy metals and different liquids.

    In the past the polluted drilling rocks were dumped into the sea. With regard to environmental protection this has become unacceptable nowadays. Today, drilling mud is separated from drilling cuttings. In doing so the drilling mud can be re-used and drilling rocks are transported ashore for waste disposal. The in-house transport at the offshore platform is now provided by Segler tubular conveyor screws.

    For this a high performance and reliability are a major pre-condition for the entire unit. Any failure will lead to an enormous economical loss since any breakdown of the tubular conveyor will interrupt the entire drilling platform.

    The conveyor is made of high alloyed steel since the salty working environment would otherwise lead to significant corrosion damage. The unit is operated in an explosion risk area and the screw shaft diameter is 450 mm with a length of 14.000 mm. The construction has a torque of 16.000 Nm.

    For more information on Segler-Förderanlagen, please visit:
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