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Thread: Gate for Unloading Ore Bin

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    Gate for Unloading Ore Bin

    Good morning Dr. Reinhard,

    My name is Gustavo Alarcón, I work in a Mechanical engineering company and
    I´m writing because one engineer in the company told me about you.

    Actually I´m working in a project that involves a bin, the capacity is 100
    metric tons, and its contents will be laterite ore with sizes between 2" and
    3" with irregular shapes. I would like to know if you have any advise
    regarding the most suitable type of gate for unloading the bin.

    The ore will be unloading from the bin to a 50 ton truck.

    I´d like to thank you in advance for your attention and if you have any
    comment about my question this will be very much appreciated.

    Best regards and have a very good day.

    Gustavo Alarcón
    Projects Engineer

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    Mr. Alarcon,

    I work for an engineering firm in Canada that has had the opportunity to design a number of truck loading facilities over the years.
    Our company has attempted the design of our own discharge gates but have found a company operating out of the US that can provide a superior gate at a reasonable cost.
    I am assuming the bin that you are designing has a conical bottom configuration with a discharge opening of approximately 600 mm in diameter.
    The firm Pebco,, can either custom build to suit your specifications or supply an "off-the-shelf" gate that may alos satisfy your needs.
    I hope this helps.


    Blaine R. Ross
    Mining / Materials Handling
    UMA Engineering

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