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Thread: Cement Fineness in Storage

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    Question Cement fineness in storage

    I want to know about experiences of fineness change due to a long time of storage of bulk cement in silos. In our plant we have seen increases in Blaine from 3400 to 4000 cm2/g after about three months of storage of OPC in a silo. The cement didn't suffer any other change in its physical properties (setting, strength, flow behaviour). Since I have not found any explanation of this fact in the literature, I would like to hear some comments on this subject, in particular about the mechanism involved.

  2. Acoustic Cleaners/Sonic Horns - are they the answer?

    Alberto, just a thought, we have solved silo storage problems within many different industries worldwide by employing our Acoustic Cleaners to prevent material buildup, management material flow and prevent particle segregation

    You can obtain information on these Primasonics Cleaners on our web site at or you are welcome to e-mail me personally at

    I have also just posted a short case stydy from Cimenterie Nationale cement plant in Haiti regarding solving their silo storage problems. It come under Silos & Hoppers.

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    Albert Murin Guest
    Assuming that you have a near flat bottom silo.

    It is possible, depending on how you fill your silo, that the fines tend to stay airborn and migrate to the silo wall. If the silo discharge mechanism withdraws from the center of the silo first and works its way towards the wall area you may then see a very high volume of super fines due to the segragation that occurs during the fill stage. In order to prevent this the silo discharge system must be designed so that the wall areas can be discharged (blended) simultaneously with the more coarse center sections.


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