I am working on a project wherein we plan to inject a mix of
Ferro-Silicon and Coal powder into BOF liquid slag through top
injection lance.

We have an inquiry and need manufacturer names for obtaining
quotation for powder injection system.

Following is the technical specification of the required ID (injection dispenser):

Bulk Density of injectant: 2.09 gms/cu. cm
Particle Size of the injectant : -1 mm (- 30 mesh ~75%)
Rate of injection : 130 kg/min
Qty of Injection : 2 tonnes at a time
Frequency of operation: 2 times a day
Pressure : Injection against a pressure
head of 2 m liquid slag column
(approximately - 3.4 m of water column)
+ resistance caused by the
viscosity of the BOF slag at 1500 deg C

Conveying media: Nitrogen
Temperature of the bath : 1650 deg C of liquid BOF slag

Suppliers are asked to submit techno commercial offers for the same.