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Thread: Bucket Elevator Chain

  1. Bucket Elevator Chain

    Dear Sir,

    We are looking for parties who can supply U-Type Link Chain and Segments Pocket (Segment Part Only) for Bucket Elevators.

    Interested parties please send details to the undersigned.

    Thanking You,

    Vipul Kohli
    Naveen Projects Ltd.

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    satellitechains Guest

    Supply of Chain

    Dear Sir,

    We at M/s. Satellite Industrial Chains Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad introduce ourself as one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of chains and sprockets which are supplied throughout India since 1950.

    We would like to draw your attention to our products as a part of your projects.
    We are generally manufacturing heavy duty sprockets and chain of different size and types which are mostly used in Sugar Plant, Steel Plant, Cement Plant, Power Transmission Units, Road Construction Equipments and many others.

    We also supply our products to Original Equipment Manufacturers.
    Our major types of chains include:
    1. Chain for Feeder Table
    2. Chain for Cane Carrier
    3. Chain for Rack Carrier (Roller Chain)
    4. Chain for Bagasse Carrier
    5. Transmission Roller Chain which includes Single, Duplex and Triplex Roller Chain.
    6. Block Forged Chain
    7. Chains for Intermediate Carrier
    8. Out Board Roller Chain.
    9. Chains for the Sugar Mills.
    10. Chains for Cement Plants.
    11. Chains for Steel Plants.
    12. Chains for Coal Plants.
    13. Chains for fertilizer and chemical plants.
    14. Chains for Agro product plants.
    15. Chains for Oil Mills.
    16. Chains for Textile Industries.
    17. Chains for Road Construction Equipments.
    18. Chains for Ceramic Industries.
    19. Chains for the Paper Mills.
    20. Chains for the Railway.


    Sprockets suitable to the above mentioned chain series.

    I would like to get a detailed requirement like product drawing and qty. required for quoting the price for your requirement.

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