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Thread: Pneumatic Conveying System

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    Pneumatic Conveying System

    I am currently working on a PE & PP project involving a Pneumatic Conveying
    System, Feeder System, Additive & Bulk Bag (Jumbo Bag) and 25 kg bag
    Unloading System.

    Please provide the following info:

    1) Feeder System
    - Loss in Weight Feeder
    - Screw Feeder

    2) Bag unloading system
    - Jumbo Bag (1 ton)
    - 25 kg bag


    Rocky Low
    Technip Geoproduction (M) Sdn. Bhd.

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    bvsarma Guest
    Dear Sir

    Our Office in Malaysia will contact you very shorty in connection with the above application.

    best regards


    Nu-Con limted

    Please see our website<>

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