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Thread: Transshipment of Cement

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    Author Guest

    Transshipment of Cement

    Presently our company is working on the project of cement transshipment operations. We own a small port in Kertch (Crimea, Ukraine). There we have two berths and the railway alongside. Now we are interesting in performing the transshipment operations for cement from railway hoppers to barges and vessels up to 10.000 mts capacity.

    We are interested in equipment available for straight transshipment without storage facilities. The information about Fuller-Kovaco road mobile and containarised ship unloaders is very interesting. It is interesting for us is it possible to use the ones in reversible mode - to discharge the railway hoppers and to load the vessels.

    We would greatly appreciate your granting us any possible information
    concerned with the above.

    Best regards,

    Andrei Kaporin
    Project Manager

    EUROCRYM, Ltd.

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    KovakoLSO Guest
    Dear Sir,

    Please be informed that we are still willing to advise you on the reverse application of Kovako mobile shipunloaders.

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    telschig Guest

    Transshipment of Cement

    Dear Mr. Andrei Kaporin,

    I refer to your publication in / Forum No. 929.

    We are supplyer of Cement Handing Plants and realize individual projects. We also have for certain application standard solutions.

    You can find more information about our products, plants and processes at our website and bulk-online.

    Please inform us about your present project.

    Kind regards

    Horst Telschig
    Managing Director


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