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Thread: ATEX & Italvibras Vibrators

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    ATEX & Italvibras Vibrators

    ATEX safety for areas 21 and 22

    Italvibras vibrators: greater safety, same price.

    Since 2006, the MVSI, MVSI-TS, M3/65 series of electric vibrators with foot fixing and the MTF, MVB/MVB-FLC (GR. 50), VB series of vibrators with flange fixing are ATEX Standard, according to the new international IEC 61241-0 and 61241-1 regulations.
    This means that every standard motor is certified to operate safely in environments with potentially explosive dusty atmospheres (ATEX II 2 D Certification– Areas 21, 22).

    This innovation, apart from increasing safety standards for the operators, leads to a concrete advantage for the manufacturer of vibrating machines: ATEX certification - areas 21 and 22 for Italvibras vibrators has not determined any specific variation of price.

    The MVSI-E, M3/65-E, MTF-E, MVB-E, MVB-FLC-E, VB-E series of vibrators and the CDX series flameproof vibrators can be added to the range of ATEX standard vibrators, with Ex increased safety and for use in environments with potentially explosive areas with gas and dust (ATEX II Certification 2 G,D – Areas 1, 2, 21, 22).

    This company choice confirms Italvibras’ orientation towards innovation, improvement of safety systems and optimisation of production costs in order to guarantee the client with increasingly safer standard vibrators without additional costs for ATEX certification.

    All of this has been possible thanks to the considerable company investments in state-of-the-art technologies, which in the latest period, have substantially modified production processes at Italvibras allowing important results from a qualitative point of view and regarding cost containment of production.

    The acknowledged reliability of Italvibras vibrators is also established from the strict quality control tests that the electric vibrators must pass before being put onto the market:
    - check of the electrical part, which takes place for all electric motors in two phases, during the winding process and after assembly;
    - accurate check of the individual components of the electric vibrator;
    - dynamic control on all large electric vibrators and spot checks on standard production.

    For more information, please visit:
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