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Thread: Electricity savings up to 40%

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    Electricity savings up to 40%

    Dear Sirs,

    Our intelligent motor control device provides important electricity costs reduction and maintenance costs reduction.
    It is a proven product with thousands of installations throught the world. It works on single phase and three phase AC induction motors from 2,2 kW up to 950kW.
    By its installation plants will have incredible electric, mechanical and economic benefits.
    Should any one be interested to have further informations, I will be happy to give technical and functioning details along with a refrence list of happy clients.


    Giuseppe Spagnolo

    Ecosystems - Italy

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    ID&T Guest

    Intelligent motors


    Please forward us some detiled specifikations around your teknologi.
    Especially the handling of external switsches is interesting for us
    We need it for our sampling equipment

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