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Thread: inserts in powder silos

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    Posted by Marcos M. Pimenta on December 08, 1999 at 05:17:11:

    Need a good reference on designing inserts to help flow of powders in silos.
    Marcos Pimenta

  2. Re: inserts in powder silos

    Posted by Lyn Bates on December 08, 1999 at 10:16:16:

    In Reply to: inserts in powder silos posted by Marcos M. Pimenta on December 08, 1999 at 05:17:11:

    It all depends upon what you want to use an insert for and the shape and duty of the silo.
    for example: -

    Reasons for Fitting Hopper Inserts

    Some features are independent, others inter-related, more than one objective may apply.

    Located in the Hopper Outlet Region

    - To aid the commencement of flow
    - To secure reliable flow through smaller outlets
    - To Increase solids flow rates
    - To improve the consistency of density of the discharged material
    - To secure mass flow at reduced wall inclinations
    - To expand the flow channel, secure a higher proportion of 'live' storage
    - To improve the extraction pattern
    - To prevent 'flushing'
    - To reduce overpressures on feeders
    - To save headroom/ secure extra storage capacity
    - To counter or redress segregation
    - To blend the hopper contents on discharge
    - To improve counter current gas flow distribution
    - To prevent blocking by lumps and agglomerates

    Positioned in the Body of the Hopper

    - To accelerate the de-aeration of dilated bulk material
    - To reduce overpressures/prevent threshold compaction levels
    - To alter the flow pattern for countering 'Arching' and 'Piping'
    - To Secure Mass Flow at lower wall angles

    Fixed at the Hopper Inlet

    - To reduce segregation
    - To reduce particle attrition
    - To secure a higher fill level
    - To divert oversized product
    - To counter excessive wear
    - For personnel safety

    If you would care to contact me with more details of your interest I may be able to advise more specifically.


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