Technikon Witwatersrand has an opportunity to raise funds for a Post-Doctoral Research fellow to develop and join in ongoing research in materials handling and transport - bulk handling, unit handling, and logistics . There are currently two projects underway investigating methods of reducing wear of pipe bends in pneumatic conveying systems and modelling simultaneous drying and pneumatic conveying. A conveyor belt project may be started soon. The Fellow will be based in the School of Process and Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering . The fellowship would probably be for one year in the first instance, with a possibility of extending it for a further year.

Technikon Witwatersrand is in Johannesburg, South Africa , and all teaching is in English. Interested persons should contact the Faculty Research Manager : Dotun Adegoke, phone + 27 11 406 2151, fax + 27 11 406 2172 or e-mail :