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    catdoc Guest


    If this is the wrong forum, please move or delete.

    I've spent the past week (about 50+ hours) online searching and searching. I have a solution that needs a US fabricator.

    Pictures at the link below**

    I'm trying to find a US manufacturer of a restaurant-grade (FDA approved) table-top or slat-chain conveyor. The belt will be accessible to the accident-prone public, so pinch-proofing is important. Crescent chain would be ideal, as the link shows.

    Length is variable depending on building site, but probably ~75 feet, assume 4x 90-degree corners (we'll build to fit the tightest radius for the turns).

    **This is a UK manufacturer that has EXACTLY what I need for the same application:

    ANY contacts that could help, I'd be very grateful.

    Thanks for your time and attention,


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    Conveyor Equipment

    We are a conveyor company that has a wide range of material handling equipment. Contact us and we can see if we can help you.



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    We supply all kinds of chains to the USA food industry
    please contact me at

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    Our factory in the most famous rubber industry park of China.
    Pls kindly vist our website below,
    Let us know what you want to buy at the moment, the more details the better,
    We will contact you soon!

    Best rgds, Ken Ke

    Our products cover conveyor belt, classical v-belt, narrow v-belt, raw edge v-belt, timing belt, banded v-belt, poly-rib belt, synchronous belt, warpped hose, flat transmission belt, and kinds of other rubber products.

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    Wire Mesh supplier from China
    wire mesh,s.s wire mesh,wire belt,welded wire mesh,hexagonal wire mesh,3d wire panel,windows netting,fence mesh........
    Wire Mesh supplier from China
    wire mesh,s.s wire mesh,wire belt,welded wire mesh,hexagonal wire mesh,3d wire panel,windows netting,fence mesh........

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    Quote Originally Posted by catdoc View Post
    Crescent chain would be ideal
    it's all very simple, you are definitely looking for a type conveyor belt sushi chain
    I can suggest these manufacturers, conveyor belt sushi

    I see that in their website show different types of conveyors for Japanese restaurants, some seem more standards are custom made

    I can also understand that they also produce conveyor belts for the presentation of extra sushi products, to show new products at trade shows, events, catering, in shop windows and showrooms.
    Eye catching look like ribbons conveyors, attracts public attention and can not only be used as a conveyor belt sushi but to carry everything

    Surely they will have the conveyor belt sushi you are looking for, they also produce all made in Italy, I love the product made in Italy, and you?

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