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Thread: Bag Filling Machine

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    Bag Filling Machine

    Dear Sir ,

    1. I am asking for a quotation (technical and price) for the following :

    Bag Filling Machine
    with the following features:

    - filling powder detergents
    - filling by gravimetric dosing
    - packing in plastic bags with rectangular base
    - packing capacity : 0,5 – 8 kg
    - feeding of the equipment will be done by storage silo
    - equipment includes : plastic bags feeding , to seal up
    by heating paste and forming handles
    - inscription with code bars
    - productivity : 1500 – 2000 kg/hour
    - atmospheric classification : IP 50

    Our customer S.C. Appolo S.A. Galai wants a quotation for new or second hand equipment.

    2. Please , if it is possible , I am very interested in getting a catalogue:
    „Forums Info Vrac 2002” . I am waiting for your answer and I thank you in advance.

    Best regards ,

    Ing. Sergiu Gora

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    Hello Romania,

    I know a reputable company that sells different filling machines.
    As for the quotations as well as the brochures.
    You can just email its webmaster so that they could email you the quotation as soon as possible.
    By the way the company's name is Apacks. You can just look for the company in the search engine.
    The site has a more comprehensive information about their products.
    I hope that one would help!

    Many thanks,

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