Resdev is a Small manufacturer of processing equipment for recuperation of precious metals using SX-EW, CIP, CIL and many others. We also do a limited amount of engineering as we design our own equipment and automated systems.
When a project of importance comes along we usually seek the assistance of a Small engineering firm able to handle detail engineering, design, and Start-up. We then select, supply and manufacture some of the related process equipment.
Any other equipment that we do not manufacture we will purchase and supply for the project from other selected manufacturers or suppliers. If reconditionned equipment is acceptable we will select, inspect, submit for your approval then purchase and supply.
Our association with the engineering firm will ensure that Resdev International Ltee oversees all of the project. Resdev/Engineering Firm will supervise on your behalf the installation and erection of the project and conclude with the start-up.

Should you be interested please contact the undersigned.

Financing may be available through Canadian Government sponsored programs. These can be explained to you at the Canadian Embassy by a Commercial Attache.


P. A. Ferron