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Thread: Cleaning of Clinker Steel Silo

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    silo cleaning

    check when youre having silo problems.


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    RJS-Siloclean Guest
    The Silo Whip:

    The silo whip is powered by air and controlled from the top of and outside the Silo, thus eliminating the need for people to enter the silo. With Health and Safety in mind, this method is the only safe alternative to manpower entering the silo. We are proud of our acheivments in respect of safety over the last ten years.

    Our specialist equipment has been developed to tackle virtually all materials including Cement, Gypsum, Clinker, Grain, Coal, Sugar and other food products.

    We are based in the UK and operate worldwide....

    To get more info and find out how our service will benefit you please visit:

    or e-mail:

    or Phone us: +44 (0) 1449 740051

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    Lightbulb HT silo clean system- a perfect silo cleaning method

    We are Hangzhou Fuyang HENT Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. a professional manufacturer of silo clean system, valves, and grate cooler for cement plant for nearly 20 years.

    please visit our Website: and you will find a perfect solution, hope to serve you now and then.

    In order to enlarge our business scale, we also want to develop some high quality agent world wide, Hope to establish pleasant cooperation with you.

    Hangzhou Fuyang HENT Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Add: Room 703, No. 57 Jiangbin West Road, International Trade Center Office Building, Fuyang, Zhejiang, China
    Tel: +86-571-23230707-7007 / 23230606
    Fax: +86-571-63367624/23230707-7017

  4. steel clinker silo cleaning

    I read your application with interest and I also noted that our company PRIMASONICS INTERNATIONAL were mentioned by another. For Safe, Effective and Remote Silo Cleaning we offer for sale the Prima Whip (in a variety of models, depending on silo dimensions). Have a look at this specific link

    The Prima Whip is constructed from non-sparking metal and used compressed air to drive two counter rotating motors to which are attached short lengths of brass chain. The Prima Whip can easilly be operated by one operator from the top of the silo plus the fact that during this cleaning operation the silo can still safely discharge material.

    We can send you a DVD and reference list plus a quotation, should you be interested. I also attach our Prima Whip brochure and will be pleased to answer any questions you might have.

    Safe Cleaning!

    Kind regards
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  5. To eliminate future build up - so silo cleaning is not needed again- and no need to create any holes in the vessel wall, you can consider using pneumatic vibrators.

    VERY large models for large silos are available.
    They are mounted on the outside of the wall via welding and the vibration energy transfers into the material.

    Vibrators will:
    Develop required energy to create flow
    Reduce sliding wall friction
    Reduce material strength and cohesiveness
    Minimize over-compaction of material
    Not effect hopper structure when installed and run properly

    It works just like the Newton's Cradle simulates below:

    The ball on the right being the vibrator/piston, the 3 balls in the middle are the bin wall, and the ball on the left is the material.

    Call me if you have any questions 1-800-231-0164 x122
    or fill out this quote request form online and we will respond or email me at

    Vibrator Quote Form Online

    When it comes to industrial vibrators... Our competitors ‘just sell vibrators’.
    We proactively solve material flow problems for you....
    Think NAVCO® - for expert solutions to any type of dry bulk material flow problem. We are the Applied Vibration Experts.
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    Tiffany Moore
    Two companies under one roof:
    Experts in Applied Vibration - Industrial Vibrator Mfg.
    JVI Vibratory Equipment
    Vibratory Feeder and Screen Mfg.
    Call toll free for info:
    1 (800)231-0164

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    sonic horn

    you can clean it with by acoustic cleaning method.
    workers go inside is truely dangerous.
    there are many companies who can do the job by sonic horn. here are two of them.

    sonic wave generated by the horn could cause acoustic fatigue, the clinker would fall.
    Last edited by Gary Blenkhorn; 8th August 2019 at 17:34. Reason: stirring up old posts to advertise
    sonic horn, soot blower.

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    clinker demolition robots

    Quote Originally Posted by mall View Post

    what is the best method to clean the clinker silo espcially to remove/break the harden clinker?

    normally what we did before was enter the silo and clean harden clinker inside but very risky? not so many people willing to do it........

    need your suggestion/input

    _______________________ 2007
    the questions is still alive
    but you may ask my friend Bertil Lindell to minimize the risk for opertor and improve time, costs, safety

    Simple like that; see the picture
    see a video

    ________ my contact data ______
    T +1858 5644045
    M +54911 53252311

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