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Thread: Air supported conveyor problems

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    Air supported conveyor problems

    We have a problem with an air suported belt and would like to know what type of belt to use in the systems when friction is a problem. Belts break at the splice and amps are high. Current belt is a nitrile PN 150 2 ply 400mm wide embossed back belt. Also tried is a nitrile w/o the embossed back. Is the a PTFE type belt which would suit the application. BATH in an alimina plant is the product.

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    Rik Hartsuiker Guest
    Sir: It sounds more like the problem is not so much the belt but the friction itself. The whole idea behind an air supported belt conveyor is to eliminate ALL friction between the tail and the discharge of the conveyor. If the belt is actually touching the carrying plenum and not being supported by the air underneath, then I suggest checking the air pressure and making sure that the manufacturer has done the pressure calculations correctly. BTW, the amount of friction is directly related to the amount of power needed to drive the belt. If the amps are running high, that means friction is being created. Solving the air flow problems will more than likely solve the amp problem. I would be more than happy to help. Please contact me at you leasure.
    phone in New Jersey, USA: 973-616-9060

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    Lawrence K. Nordell

    Lawrence K. Nordell

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    Air Supported Conveyors

    Dear Glen

    Please give Martin Engineering ( a call. Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. has assisted them in the CFD advancements of air-supported belt conveyor transport analysis. I believe they have the answer you seek. The particular materials, their dynamics over the conveyor geometry can be evaluated by means of Discrete Elements Analysis (DEM) after identifying the material internal friction prop. Martin Engineering also have a track record of installations.

    Lawrence Nordell
    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.
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    Rik Hartsuiker Guest
    Dear Sir:

    Please take the time and check out ALL the companies that manufacture Air Supported Belt Conveyors. Not all are the same and not all do the job the same way.

    Here is a couple to start with.

    Hendrik Enterprises, Inc. -
    Martin Engineering -
    Aerobelt -
    Aero Conveyors -
    Air Conveyors Express -
    Famson -

    Good luck. I hope to be talking to you soon

    Rik Hartsuiker - Manager of Operations
    Hendrik Enterprises, Inc.
    227 Hamburg Turnpike
    Pompton Lakes, New Jersey 07442 USA
    973-616-9060 - phone
    973-616-9250 - fax - email

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    Wenjun Meng Guest

    Re: Air supported conveyor problems

    Dear Sir:
    I think that the air cushion between belt and structure is not working properly, and I suggest you should recalculate the pressure and flow of the fan and analyse the distributing manner of the holes in the structure again. If you need I am pleasure to help you.

    Sincelely yours.

    Wenjun Meng
    P. O. Box 2-34
    Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics
    Beijing, China


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    Gary Swearingen Guest


    I would agree with what is stated in previous postings. If you suspect that friction is a problem then the Air Supported system is not functioning properly, there could be many reasons for this. I would be happy to discuss this in detail if you wish. Thanks.

    Gary Swearingen
    Martin Engineering

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