Dear E-Forum Participants,

I am looking for information about conveyor belt reconditioning in the whole world.

1. Who and where provide such services?
2. What kinds of belts are reconditioned mostly?
3. How many kilometres of belts (textile, steel cord and other types) are recondinoned at particular locations?
4. What is the price of reconditioning of 1 m2 of belt?
5. What is the usual procedure to order reconditioning and costs connected with transportation and required belt tests?
6. What is the technology of reconditioning and what are the necessary belt tests?
7. How many times is it possible to recondition the same belt?
8. What is the best time to take of the belt from a conveyor for reconditioning and how to establish it?
9. What are the savings of reconditioning ?
10. What is the durability of reconditioned belts in comparison to the new ones?

I would appreciate any help and information on this subject and answers on my questions.

Best regards,

Leszek Jurdziak