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Thread: Air Supported Conveyor

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    ash_bhatnagar Guest

    Air Supported Conveyor

    What are the limitations of air supportrd conveyors.

    We need one for handling cement from to a distance of about 150 m @ 250 tph at an inclination of 14 deg.

    Pl send your offer with complete technical details along with power savings viz a viz conventinal conveyin system and pipe conveyor.

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    Rik Hartsuiker Guest
    Sir: The only limitation that we have is that we have not yet come up with a tripper type air supported belt conveyor. Other than that, a ASBC and do eveything a conventional belt conveyor can, and then some. With most products, an ASBC can run at inlinations beyond what is recommended in the CEMA book because there is no bumping and no carry-back of material when the belt goes over the carrying idlers...because there are none.

    Based on the information you have posted, an 18" wide ASBC going at 304 FPM can do the job. I am sending you a .pdf file with the technical data under seperate email. Please be advised that I need a bit more specifications before I can give you any solid answers. Feel free to contact me.

    Phone in New Jersey, USA: 973-616-9060

  3. Conveying Cement


    If this is finished cement in bulk (not in bags) it will not convey at a 14 degrees incline. It will fluidize and slide back.

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