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Thread: Balancing of Idlers

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    Balancing of Idlers

    With regard to balancing of Idlers, it is now required by most of our customers. The major problem we are facing in arriving at a method for performance of balancing is that the Idlers are life sealed and filled with grease. Beacuse of this, even though the friction factor is greatly reduced by proper fitment and free running of idelrs, no free rotation is possible. Moreover after every series of rotations grease makes the idlers stop at different locations at random falsely giving indication of balanced idler. Becasue of this static balancing cannot be performed and also if performed the values are incorrect.

    if any one is aware of a method for performing balancing of idlers please provide with that information.

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  2. Dear Mr. Giri,

    The unbalancing of rollers take place because of pipe and housing. Therefore to check the balancing the best way I feel is :
    1. Clean the bearings with diesel or any other solvent to make it absolutely free.
    2. Fix the bearings without seals.
    3. Check the roller for unbalancing and after doing the balancing fill up with the grease and fix the seals and circlips.
    I hope with this arrangement the rollers should be balance one.


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  3. Balancing of Idlers

    Static balancing of idlers by observing if a roller upon stopping rotation returns to a specific position is not a sufficient for fast moving conveyors.
    If excess grease give incorrect dynamic balance redings, than that excess needs to be removed. Seal bearings usually do not cause problems to the balancing process.
    The main issue is to determine if an idler in service has the proper balance and is not causing damage to the system.
    I recommend a probe light and comparation on the rotation pattern between idlers. A trained eye can tell a lot about an idler mechanical condition with a probe light.

    Antonio Reis
    Vitrom Mfg Consulting
    01 (209) 834-1900

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