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Thread: Conductive FIBCs

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    minghai Guest

    Conductive FIBCs

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    One of our customer need us to offer conductive FIBCs, but they said that they need the non-grounded FIBCs, not the grounded ones. Could somebody inform us the differences between?

    THanks and regards,
    Huang Ming Hai

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    Bob Drasner Guest

    Contact EcoTainer

    Contact EcoTainer:
    Bruce Boyde
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    Located in Houston, Texas USA

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    Chen Bijin

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    RPD - Invista (UK) Ltd., U.K. Guest
    It sounds as if they are asking for a Type B FIBC which prevents propogating brush discharges occuring, the material is probably better described as antistatic rather than conductive.

    Have a look at:

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    They are requesting Type D (static dissipative) not Type C.

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