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Thread: Manual Sampling - Fully Automatic

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    ID&T Guest

    Manuel sampling-fully automatical

    Usually spot sampling is done by a hand held device, put into a material stream at the drive drum of a belt or in free falling material in a chute. A dirty often dangerous way to get a small amount of sample material.

    ID&T SAMPLING has developed a fully automatical spot sampler to take out these samples by a sample spoon moved into the material stream and retract it to leave the sample in a outlet chute. The sample material can be collected in a container or in a collecting magasine, shifting the container for each sample to handle 8 (or more) hours of service

    To handle most common materials and temperatures it is a pneumatical driven unit, but a special version can handle wery high temperatures up to 250-300 C, for cement clinker and other hot materials

    The device wil be special designed to the present project to ensure the function with a minimum of maintenance.

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    IQSFreiberg Guest

    fully automatical sampling

    I am sure, the automatic spot sampler is an excellent equipment. But there is a problem in case that the material to be sampled is heterogeneously. Then, te fact that only a punctual sample is taken from a part of the cross section of the material stream, calls for careful consideration of possible uncertainties in sampling by segregation effects. Can you tell something about this fact ? Or, the sampler has been tested only for fine materials?


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    ID&T Guest
    Dear mr Rasemann

    Thank you for your reply

    As i wrote, the spot sampler is designed to replace the sampling done by a handheld device.
    The sample will not be representative but if a sample by a handheld device is accepted, this system must be accepted too.

    It is suitable for relative homogeneously material.

    It is especially designed for extreme hot cementclinker

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    IQSFreiberg Guest
    Dear Sirs,

    Thank you for your reply.


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    Spot Sampling

    Dear Sir,
    I would be very interested to learn more about your spot sampler. I have a client who recently had the practice of manual spot sampling banned due to safety concerns and they are looking for a 'cheap' automated alternative - possibly for up to 30 transfer points.

    I have tried to access your web site but to no avail. Please confirm you web site address and/or send details and pricing of your spot sampler for coal through a chute at 6,000 tph.

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    rekhawar Guest

    Manuel sampling-fully automatical

    Dear Sirs,

    We recently have purchased mechanical type Automatic samplers for our Material Handling Plant. These are basically a small hopper mounted on motor driven trolley.

    The hopper alongwith drive moves into the discharge chute and cuts & collects sample of the entirre cross section of material and comes back.

    The hopper has sliding gate belo. By opening it, the sample is collected.

    The timing of operation, speed etc. can be regulated as per the requirement.

    If anybody wants information about such Automatic Samplers, I can provide.


  7. Spot sampling


    Dear mr Dale Coward

    I see you are looking for the spot sampler.

    At the moment this thread was written (feb01) i had a coorporation with ID&T Sampling, (compare my adress)- this has stopped.

    The sampling products mentioned are all mine so i will be glad to serve you, regarding this spot sampler.

    Please sent me a drawing of the build in situation of the shute, and the specs of the material and wanted sample.

    6000 tonnes pro hour is a high capacity, so the word cheap must be relative. One of the main things in a cheap construction is reliance- this can make a expensive device cheap.
    I know wery well how the sampling systems ususally is treated.
    Nobody takes care of it, and no maintenance is done until the device doesnt work anymore (my experience during 11 years)

    The way to make it cheap is to build it with no need for maintenance or adjustment- no influence by dirt or dust or blocked chutes- strong and heavy.

    I hope you agree.
    EP Design og Teknik

    Erik Petersen
    Farverhus 14A
    6200 Aabenraa, Denmark
    Tlf 7462 0720
    Fax 7462 0760

  8. Spot sampler

    Dear mr Dale Coward

    I didnt hear anything from you regarding the spotsampler.
    Please contact me on
    EP Design og Teknik

    Erik Petersen
    Farverhus 14A
    6200 Aabenraa, Denmark
    Tlf 7462 0720
    Fax 7462 0760

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