Dear Mr. Mulani,

I have received your book. My first impression is that your book is an excellent guide for professionals in the mining bussiness, consultants, material handling specialists, engineering office, and university students.

I have read a lot of books in material handling, and I also receive the bulk handling technical publications. Your book is the most comprehensive and engineered approach to understand the design of Belt Conveyors and the multiple behaviour of material handling.

It has been a great pleasure to finally see how formulae and methods fit into this large world of material handling with an engineering and scientific approach.

I am sure that you will keep adding chapters, because the material handling in general is a science that is always developing more and more.
Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. It will surely help me in my work and professional satisfaction.
I wish all the sucess for this very useful book.

Fernando Kanacri S.- Mechanical Engineer M.S. (Univ. of California, Berkeley), Consultant
Kanacri Proyectos e Inversiones ltda.
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Santiago, Chile, South America
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