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Thread: Draft Survey vs Weightometer vs Weighbridge

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    Author Guest

    Draft Survey vs Weightometer vs Weighbridge

    I'm wondering if you would be able to direct me to articles or
    papers that may have been written comparing the accuracy of the various methods of determining bulk cargo weights? E.g. metal concentrates of Ni, Cu, Pb, Zn etc. It is a perennial problem of weightometer and weighbridge weights not matching draft surveys and resultant impacts on payment for the cargo.

    John Muller
    Onkaparinga Mining & Metallurgy Pty. Ltd.
    Mobile: 0417 966 192

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    MTA Guest

    Draft Survey vs Weightometer vs Weighbridge

    Dear Sir,

    thank your for your interest in our technology. Unfortunately we are not able to forward any information to you as the Draft Survey vs Weightometer vs Weighbridge is not a scope of m-tec. Our main focus is the dry mortar technology including dosing, weighing, mixing and controling.

    With best regards
    m-tec mathis technik gmbh

    Axel Friese
    Sales Director

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    Erik Chilò Guest
    Dear John,

    got a reminder from Bulk-online about this and there is an article in Bulk Solids Handling - see below - where we mention an example of use of a belt scale for ship loading/unloading that can be of interest to you. You should be able to see the full article from this site.

    Name of Author: Soederholm, A.
    Company Affiliation: SEG Instrument AB
    Title of Article: Conveyor Belt Scales Ð A Mechanical Dilemma
    Published in Journal: bulk solids handling
    Year: 2000 Volume: 20 Number: 4 Page: 534-537
    Type of Article: Technical note
    Fields of Interest: Belt Conveying

    Contact us if you need more info or examples about this .

    Best regards
    Erik Chilò

    S-E-G Instrument AB
    Box 111 43
    S-161 11 Bromma - Sweden
    tel. +46 8 764 74 00
    fax +46 8 764 75 00

  4. Mr Muller,
    In regards to your post, I can see a couple of variables that might need addressed. You mentioned the variablilty of materials, I was wondering if the material is sampled for changes in density throught out the process .
    In our experience, draft weights are normally used as a system check against the belt scale readings. The comparisons of individual weights can be significant.
    I would also imagine the bulk density of the material is wide ranging. The conveyor belt scale can wiegh over a wide range, however the belt tension can change considerably depending on the loading. I would also suggest material testing over a number of feed rates.


    Todd Dietrich
    Kaskaskia Valley Scale Co.

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    DraftMaster Guest
    Dear Sir,

    The accuracy of our new modern technology of draft survey is 0.3%
    Please visit for more information.

    Best regards,

    Anatoly Nikanov, MIIMS

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    S.M. Umarye Guest

    Thumbs up how payment is based

    while the discussion goes on the accuracy i would like to know how buyers makes payments.Is there a shift from draft reading to belt weighter reading internationally. in our port the some exporters are asking for a change.

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    DraftMaster Guest
    Dear Mr C.M. Umarye

    Exporters prefer weighter or draft reading in the port of loading,
    and vice-versa buyers prefer weighter or draft reading in the port of discharging.
    Probably, your exporters insist on weighing in the port of loading. Usually it is unacceptable for the buyer.

    Best regards,

    Anatoly Nikanov, MIIMS

  8. Belt scale VS Truck scale

    Dear Sir,
    If the Belt scale is installed & aligned Properly, and material test carried out, there is no reason why it should not be accurate. The Following could affect the accuracy:

    1. The Material is of very light weight in nature.
    2. If the Flow of material is not uniform and contineous.
    3. If the belt tension is not OK
    4. If the Idlers, preceeding & succeeding are not of Good Quality.

    we supply 2 / 4 Load cell based belt scales and we have achieved repeatedly 0.2-0.5% accuracy in various mining, fertilizer, cement, power & Sugar Industries.

    You may contact us for any of your requirement as far as weighing is concerned.
    V Sundar
    COO Orange weighing & Slutions Pvt Ltd
    Bangalore india
    0091 9483527761

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    Even 0.3% involves many tonnes but this is considerably less than the accepted variations in belt weighers.
    I am just interested to find out how the consumables are treated in the berthing draft surveys.
    Operating the vessels gearing and providing on-board services need to be taken into account which, as the thread starter intimates, can be frustrating.

    I should know whether or not the hatches are sealed on departure, but sadly I don't. Freight container doors are sealed and this saves all the bulk shipping up to speed hereabouts?

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