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Thread: Ponded Water Removal

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    Ponded Water Removal

    Does anyone know of a device that effectively & reliably removes ponded water from stockyard conveyors? Any mechanical device that has been proposed to me has needed to be withdrawn when the leading burden reaches the run down distance for the conveyor. This necessitates leaving a long pond of dirty water to enter the next stage of the process & generally make a mess of the workings.
    My development involves swinging the wing idlers down to develop a flat profile within e.g. 3 idler pitches. Rollers can be restored to the full trough profile by a spring loaded pneumatic cylinder. After the conveyor has been shut down a solenoid can admit air to the cylinder to retract the bell cranks & flatten the belt profile. On start-up the cylinder is exhausted and the troughed profile is quickly restored. Reliability is down to a solenoid valve. It can clear all the free water if properly sited.

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    ponded water??

    hello from CANADA. JUST a point of clarification:

    ponded water, dirty water, stockyard conveyor

    is this industry AGGREGATE? sand and gravel or?

    I am just wondering aloud if the British dialect i am reading is
    what i am understanding from my Canadian perspective.

    I do have some suggestions......from field experience but, want to clarify i am in fact understanding correctly.

    Kind regards

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