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Thread: Mercury Porosimetry

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    Paul A. Webb - Micromeritics, USA Guest

    Lightbulb Mercury Porosimetry

    What characteristics of a material can be determined by mercury porosimetry?

    Mercury porosimetry is a very versatile technique for characterizing solids in both finely divided and monolithic forms. Please post any application hints, experiences, or questions you may have on using mercury porosimetry for the following determinations:


    -Total porosity
    -Pore volume (or area or number) distribution
    -Interparticle void volume
    -Fractal dimensions

    Compressibility characteristics


    Tortuosity & tortuosity factor

    Pore throat-to-cavity size ratio

    Particle size distribution

    Pore network modeling

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    Mercury analysis is very useful of the world. Mercury analysis are used the medical science.

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