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Thread: Bucket Elevators for 80mm Limestone

  1. Bucket Elevators for 80mm Limestone

    Does anyone know of a successful operation transferring a strong screened limestone of -80mm +40mm successfully in a bucket elevator and if so what is the availability for a unit lifting say 500 tonnes per day?

    With thanks


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    Paul Haywood Guest
    Dear Mike

    We may be able help you with this application. Please give me the lift height, working time over which you want to achieve 500 t per day, and average density of material to be elevated.


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    Rceu56 Guest

    Bucket Elevator for 80mm Limestone

    Rexnord is perhaps the largest bucket elevator manufacturer in the world. We have supplied over 4,000 bucket elevators to over 60 countries worldwide. We are the only manufacturer of bucket elevators that manufacturers all it's own key components such as chains, gearboxes, bearings, couplings,etc. Therefore, we take full responsibility for all aspects of the equipment and can offer you after-the-sale service on the entire piece of equipment throughout it's life cycle which can be 30-40 years or more. We have supplied chain elevators with lifts in excess of 70 meters and belt elevators with lifts in excess of 100 meters. Capacities over 1,000 metric tons per hour are possible with Rex Bucket Elevators. Your application is one we would typically handle with a chain type bucket elevator. Our chains are designed to offer a predictable and measureable wear life for ease in maintenance planning.

    If you can provide us with the following, we would be in a position to make a recommendation for the proper elevator to handle this application.

    1.lift required? -
    2.Density of material as it would be handled in elevator? -
    3.What percentage of material lump size is over 50mm?-
    4.How many hours per day will elevator be operated to reach the 500 tons per day capacity required? -
    5.How will elevator be fed? -
    6.Is elevator to be installed outdoors or inside a building? If outside, access to the elevator head section may require a service platform to be supplied with ladder access. We can supply of you may wish to design and supply to conform to your own building structure. Let us know your preference.
    7. When is delivery required?
    8. Where will elevator be installed?


    Richard A. Skroski
    Rexnord Corporation
    Conveying Equipment Division
    Director - Marketing and Training

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    Author Guest

    Bucket Elevators for 80 mm Limestone

    It is not a good idea to elevate 40 mm to 80 mm limestone with a bucket
    elevator. It is impossible to feed all the limestone into to buckets on the
    90 degree incline. Therefore, a percentage of the limestone will end up in
    the boot. Everytime a bucket hits a limestone rock in the boot, a shockload
    occurs. Since it is impossible to calculate the tension produced by a
    shockload, the result will be bucket damage plus either buckets pulling off
    a belt or chain stretch. In addition, extra wasted horsepower is necessary
    to pull the buckets through the static conveyed material in the boot and
    extra wasted horsepower is necessary to extend the material above the
    enclosed structure the bucket elevator is feeding in order to utilize it's

    You will be far better off using a corrugated sidewall belt for this
    application. Assuming it is properly designed, it will operate with
    relatively trouble free service.

    David Dicke
    Product Manager
    Beltwall Division of Beltservice Corporation

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    Rceu56 Guest
    I do not agree with the previous responder that a bucket elevator should not be used in this application. We have many bucket elevators operating successfully handling limestone and other materials greater than 50 mm in size.

    I agree with the previous writer that you need to keep large lump material out of the elevator boot to prevent digging. Some manufacturers design their elevators as digging type elevators and perhaps the experience of the previous writer is with these type designs. That is not the way to properly handle this material. The key is properly feeding and controlling the material as it is fed to the elevator buckets. Our Hi-Load or Continuous discharge type bucket elevators are slower speed, gravity discharge type elevators, typically used where large lump material in excess of 50mm in size is to be elevated. In these designs, we use a properly designed inlet opening and loading leg or chute if you will, inside the elevator, to confine and guide the material into the buckets instead of into the boot. The key is to keep material out of the boot through proper inlet positioning, design and proper bucket selection. If this is done in the elevator design, there is no reason why a chain bucket elevator will not work properly in this application.

    Once again, a chain elevator of our design offers a very predictable and measureable chain wear life. The user can periodically measure chain elongation once or twice a year and chart it's wear from year to year. By comparing this to published data in our service manual. Limestone is not a particularly abrasive material to handle. Therefore, many years of chain and other component wear life is possible when properly handling this material.


    Richard A. Skroski
    Rexnord Coprporation
    Conveying Equipment Division
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin - USA

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    Bucket Elevator for 80 mm limestone

    Dear Mike,

    Gough Engineering UK will be delighted to help you with your limestone handling project. We don't claim to be the biggest (which is probably code for most expensive) and we won't try to sell you something you don't want.
    All we will offer you is a quality engineered product giving reliable trouble-free service at a competitive price.
    Let me have your full details, elevation, daily operation time, inside or outside installation, etc. and we'll give you this weeks' special offer.

    Kind regards,
    Brian Milnes
    Group Export Sales Manager

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    Lawrence K. Nordell

    Lawrence K. Nordell

    President and CEO

    Conveyor Dynamics Inc.

    Conveyor Dynamics Inc.

    Professional Experience 60 Years / 1 Month Lawrence K. Nordell has 60 Years and 1 Month professional experience

    Discussions 304 Lawrence K. Nordell acceded to 304 discussions, Publications 0 Lawrence K. Nordell Nordell released 0 publications

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    Bucket Elevator Load/Unloading


    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. has developed a means to simulate the dynamics of loading and unloading the rock (granular) charge for any speed and shape of bucket, feed chute and discharge arrangement. We have developed the Discrete Element Method (DEM) to an engineering science. Based on the rock size distribution, elevator speed and bucket configuration, proper knowledge of the charge motion can be identified. Many alternatives can be quickly explored to optimize for the sought for conditions. Wear of critical parts can be assessed. Behavior of all mfgrs. concepts can readily be reviewed in 3-dimensional rock flow simulation. Dynamic forces on the bucket, belt and/or chain can be determined before the design is accepted.

    See our website for some insite:

    Lawrence Nordell
    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.
    1111 West Holly St.
    Bellingham, WA 98225
    ph 360/671-2200
    fx 360/671-8450

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    Sandwich-Belt High-Angle and Vertical Conveyor

    The best solution, without a doubt, will be a sandwich-belt high-angle conveyor. This will receive and discharge the material cleanly. Using all conventional conveyor equipment and smooth surfaced rubber belts. The DSI Snake-Sandwich offers the lowest operating and maintenance costs of any system.

    The DSI Snake-Sandwich system is the most advanced and reliable and the only one to use all conventional hardware (there are no mnechanical pressing mechanisms). Dos Santos International is the recognized authority in this technolgy.

    Joseph A. Dos Santos, PE
    Dos Santos International
    531 Roselane St NW
    Suite 810
    Marietta, GA 30060
    Tel: 1 770 423 9895
    Fax 1 866 473 2252
    Email: jds@
    Web Site:

  9. Mike,

    Large bucket elevator systems used for ship unloading have been used to handle limestone and coal with the lump size specified. However, you have options other than a bucket elevator system. You can get effective lift from bucket eleveators, sandwich belt systems, and corrugated sidewall belt systems.

    The best system for your application will depend on your requirements -- budget, actual maximum lump size, lift height, load rates, and load/discharge restrictions.

    I've worked on all major types of lift systems and would be pleased to assist you in deciding which system is best for your application. Please feel free to contact me.


    Dave Miller
    Dave Miller
    ADM Consulting
    10668 Newbury Ave., N.W.,
    Uniontown, Ohio 44685 USA
    Tel: 001 330 265 5881
    FAX: 001 330 494 1704

  10. 80mm Limestone Elevators

    I wish to thank all the contributors to my original request for information and we are presently considering all the options suggested plus a couple of others including Skip Hoists.

    One of our applications is for 200,000tpa and another is for 900,000tpa.

    Once again thank you all for contributing and also for the offers for ongoing assistance which we will probable follow up in coming weeks


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