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Thread: Limestone Powder Pneumatic Conveying System

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    Limestone Powder Pneumatic Conveying System

    I am working for Limestone Powder Pneumatic Conveying system in CFB power plant.

    There is 13 t/h Limestone Powder will be injected into 1 x 420 t/h CFB
    Boiler for reduce sulfur emission.

    Due to limestone powder is very difficult to be pneumatic conveyed. The
    problem of Wearing, moisture absorbing and blockage in conveying pipe quite
    often happen. So we try to find advanced technology and good product in the application of CFB sulfur reduction.

    Would you find some information about Limestone powder feature and its
    pneumatic conveying technology. It is sure there is some good experience to handle it and good knowledge to learn.

    Please also recommend who or which company should I contact to discuss

    Thanks in advance,

    Jeff Gao

  2. Dear Mr. Gao,

    During the last twenty years I have got a lot of experiences with pneumatic conveying of imestone and other lime products for flue gas desulfurization in power industry.
    I have designed, constructed and commissioning several dozen systems for Babcock, Steinmueller, Lurgi and other companies.
    Please visit my website for further informations and let me know if you are interested in any cooperation.

    Best regards
    Klaus Schneider

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    Limestone, ash and sand conveying

    Dear Mr. Gao,

    BCP would be happy to review your ash, limestone and sand (bed material) needs.

    Please visit our website at and sned us some additional information on your application.

    Ron Grabowski

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    Limestone Powder Pneumatic Conveying System

    I have a large experience in pneumatic and mechanical handling of different powders and bulks, including limestone powder. My experience in pneumatic conveying of limestone powder in power plants includes conveying to storage and feeding to limestone milk solution preparation which is feeded to the scrubbing system.
    For more details on my experience please visit and enter ludan eng. and there bulk handling.
    Our company is involved in the development of an advanced technology in SOx and NOx reduction. This technology is called Lextran and was successfuly tried in I.E.C. For details visit our website and enter Lextran LTD.
    I hope that you will be interested in further cooperation.
    S. Bar
    Chief Engineer
    Ludan engineering LTD.

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    Dear Mr. Gao,

    Our company is interested in working with you on your application for handling limestone powder. We have been in the pneumatic conveying business for 40 years and have handled numerous limestone projects for power plants in the USA. For more information on our company, please refer to our website at

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,

    Kevin Geye
    Regional Manager

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    Limestone Pneumatic Conveying

    I worked for one Indian Firm - L&T who was handling lime dust injection unit
    for Blast Furnace at Durgapur Steel Plant. I suggested to them and later
    fabricated for them a sampling device for checking if the 18 tuers were
    carrying same amount of lime dust. As per their letter, the job was well
    done. They appreciated .

    Further I would like to say that some kind of technology involving PNEUMATIC
    CONVEYING DRYING is a must for trouble free transportation. I published a
    mathematical modeling for the technology long time back in one of the
    Pneumatic Conveying Conferences.

    I do not know how far this will help. But if the reference to my paper and
    address of L&T is of any help, I will send it to you.

    Thanking you and with regards.

    Prof. Dr. Prem Chand
    Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
    Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
    B-56, IIT Campus
    Kharagpur - 721 302 West Bengal

  7. Limestone conveying

    Your moisture absorption problem will probably be solved by drying the air used for conveying, either by means of a refrigerant or desiccant type drier, depending on the magnitude of the problem.

    If your limestone powder is very fine and has good air retention properties it will probably convey quite naturally in dense phase and hence at low velocity (5 m/s or 1000 ft/min). At this velocity your erosive wear problems should be significantly reduced.

    Feed the material into the pipeline with a blow tank and with air at a pressure of 2 bar gauge you will convey 13 t/h over 100 m through a three inch bore pipeline.

    David Mills
    David Mills

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    Suggest you use dense phase conveying with line boosters and dry air to prevent line plugging and to minimize pipe line erosion. Consider using pocket Tees instead of bends to prolong bend life.


    Amrit Agarwal (Tim)
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

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