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Thread: Lump Formation in Cement Silos

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    Post Lumps formation in Cement Silos

    We are facing the problem of lumps formation in the cement storage silos. Will you please help us in arresting this lump formation.
    I think that the lumpformation may be due to the absorption of mositure by cement from the atmosphere. I do not under stand how the moisture enters the silo if the silo is fully packed. And also if this is because of gypsum being while cement manufacturing, then what will be the remedy for arrestring the lumps formation.



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    Overnight condensation, air entrainment in the powder voids etc; anywhere you have air in the tropics then you have moisture; even in the deserts. If you apply a hot gas purge it will help by disturbance, releasing air, gently does it, & preventing the air descending to dew point temperature levels. You should have plenty of waste hot gas flowing about the plant.

  3. Lump Formation in Silos

    Dear Sir,

    We have encountered several problems such as your application in various sectors. We have solved their problems and give exact solutions without modifying the geometry of the silos.

    We are manufacturing the air cannon systems and delivered over 7000 units to different sectors, such as cement, gypsum, coal, copper and several hard to handle material applications.

    It eliminates these clogging, sticking and rat holing problems occuring inside the silos, bins, hoppers. It does not blow continuous air instead introduces an air shock for a very short instant and sweeps all the material in between walls and material surface. It prevents compaction due to vibrating effect.

    For detailed information please look to our web site or contact with us.

    Thanks for your inquiry,

    Best Regards,

    Ufuk YUNEL
    (M.Sc. Mining Eng; M.B.A)
    Sales Coordinator

    Address: Esat Cad. No 42/12 Kucukesat 06660 Ankara - Turkey
    Tel: +90 312 4193285
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    you have no mentioned the silo feeding cement temp at top of silopl give the chemical analysis for both clinker, cement and cement particle size analysis. and also mention the average aymospheric temp (temp in summer& winter)

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    Teus Tuinenburg

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    Dear Mr Sudhindra,

    Please also read the thread

    Concrete vs Carbonsteel Silo Wall

    posted by Mr Mall of 15 may 2006


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    BenP Guest

    I don't know too much about the cement process, but in other bulk solids production processes if the product isn't cooled down to a "suitable temperature" before storage (e.g. after a drying stage) then moisture can migrate from the centre of the bulk solid or be picked up more quickly from the surrounding air during storage. As a result this extra moisture on the surface of the particles can result in lump formation.

    In cement production is there a drying stage or calcination stage before storage, and if so is there any process to try to cool the product down before storage? Even cooling from 40 degC to 20degC can improve the product and lessen moisture pickup and lump formation.

    Bulkflow ( do a range of coolers that are ultra-efficient - a huge benefit with today's fuel prices!

    I can send you more details if you're interested


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    Lump formation in Cement silos

    What is the temperature of cement when enter the silos? If the temperature of cement is over 115 centigrade then there is a big chance for cement to become lumps. It is natural process, in order to keep it cool, the cement will absorb moisture from the air (atmosphere).
    Is there no leaks in your silo(s)?
    Does your ventilation system work well?


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    shirish antrolia Guest
    As We understand , for cement extraction you may be using blower air. Based on moisture in the atmosphere , air used for extraction will have moisture. This moisture causes lump formation as well as extraction difficult.

    Before sending air to silo , it shall be dried using any type of drier and misture shall be removed.

  9. Thumbs up Lumps formation in Cement Silos

    There is a simple yet extremely effective solution to prevent the cement power from forming into lumps - Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners. However, first you must clean out your silo. The safe way to do this is to either hire an experienced silo cleaning company or to purchase our safe, remote silo cleaning system - The Gyro Whip. Please take a look at the following link for inflomation on this effective, remote silo cleaning system which eliminated the need for man entry.-

    Then, once clean, install the correct model of Acoustic Cleaner on top. Sound waves will prevent the cement particles from bonding and ensure mass flow. Again, please take a look at the following link at -

    On our web site you will also find a silo questionnaire form which you can either complete on-line or download. The link for this form is -

    Alternatively you can contact me on -

    Donald F Cameron
    Primasonics International Limited

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    RJS-Siloclean Guest
    As above I can only agree that the acoustic systems prevent the build-up once the silo has been cleared of hardened material/blockages.

    Prior to installing one of these accoustic devices it would be best to clear any build-ups from the silo. RJS Silo Clean offer silo cleaning services worldwide using the Gyro Whip mentioned above, it takes some expertise to clear out silos efficiantly which is where we come in, we provide the machine and operators to fully clean your silos 7 days a week and we are on call to react quickly to emegency call outs worldwide.

    Visit our website for more information:



    Phone: +44 (0) 1449 740051

    Jason Johnson
    Director, RJS Silo Clean International Ltd.

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