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    stephen rance Guest


    Can you let me know of any good silo designs that will help to reduce segregation of fine heavy powders

  2. Segregation is Silos

    There are many techniques to minimise and counter segregation in the filling and the emptying of hoppers and silos. These are too varied to describe in detail on this page. The first question is whether the task is to mitigate problems in existing equipment or to minimise the problem during the design of a new installation. Copies of the my book 'User Guide to Seghregation', published by the British Materials Handling Board, are available at a discounted price of £ 30 from Ajax Equipment Ltd, who purchased bulk copies. This includes advice on the forms and techniques that may be adopted. For more detailed advice, please contact direct at and I will see how best to help.

  3. Segregation

    Dear Mr Rance

    IPT have in his program the treatment silos which can prevent horizontal segregation or silos which can be used as mixers is it is question of vertical segregation. Both can be used as ordinary silos too.


    Best regards
    Dr. Ivan Peschl

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