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Thread: Sinter Bin Design

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    nitesh raj - Jamshedpur, India Guest

    sinter bin design

    how we can modify the design of sinter bin to reduce return fine generation?

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    rekhawar Guest

    Sinter Fines Generation

    Dear Nitesh,

    Fines generation in Sinter, is also an issue, we are facing at our plant.

    As the sinter is mostly transferred online, apart from the sinter quality, the conveyor transfer points, height of fall in bins are the key factors contributing to the fines generation. Maintaining minimum 50 - 60 % level in bins, helps in fines reduction.

    You will get better response in this forum, if you elaborate on size & shape of bin, height of free fall etc. Attaching a line diagram of the bin will also help.


    (P. Rekhawar)

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    Well said Rekhawar.
    Some posts are akin to telling the doctor that you don't feel well!
    If posters want more than a 1 line answer they should take the time to write more than a 1 word question.

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    What kind of sinter

    Where I come from sinter lumps come from an ore reduction furnace. The largest lump we had was 1000 X 600 X 500 and now takes pride of place outside the engineering office.

    Sinter was the accumulation of iron in the ore melted at 1200.C. This mixed with char, clay, particles of refractory, slag and other components in the kiln process. The product, together with the sinter lumps, was passed through a dry cooler to reduce the temperature from kiln temperature to 100.C where it could be carried on rubber lined conveyor belts to the primary screens for dry processing. The Cooler was effectively an autogenous mill creating fines as part of the process.

    It helps to do a chemical and particles size analysis of the fines to positively identify where they come from in the process. Then you can ask the next question - what's wrong with the fines, what sizes are we talking about, and what to do next.

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