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Thread: Fluid bed dryer´s dust collection

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    Braulio Guest

    Fluid bed dryer´s dust collection

    I am involved right now in a banana chip project that includes in the process drying of the banana slices using a fluid bed dryer.
    We have a concern regarding the dust collection of the flow coming from tha dryer, because of the % of water vapor in it. We are planning to use a baghouse but we are concern for dust build up on the bags.
    Does any body have had a similar experience, what would you recommend?
    Best regards

    Braulio Alvarez

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    Author Guest

    Dust Collection at Fluid Bed Dryer

    Dear Mr. Alvarez,

    Dryer air carrying dried products in a humid atmosphere is universally
    collected in bag filters without problems. The most important parameter
    is the outlet temperature of the dryer compared to the dewpoint of the
    humid process air. With fluid beds the air quantity compared to the moisture
    content usually means that the dewpoint is far below the filter bag ambient.

    Care should be taken if hot air is to partly recirculated to save energy
    which can lead to a closer differential between baghouse ambient and

    We, Atritor, like to keep outlet temperatures at least 10C/18F above

    Hope this is of help.

    Best regards,

    George Milburn

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    Author Guest
    Hello from Ibis International, Inc.

    We cannot help with this application. However, you may consider an automatic roll filter depending on the air volume (m3/Hr). The other possibilityis a wet scrubber.

    Good Luck,
    Ibis, Inc. USA

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    Vasseur Guest
    I globally agree to R.Wolbier's answer, but the limit is, to my opinion, more drastic than the dew-point (which is air saturation temp). The limit temperature is such as air relative humidity should be equal (or inferior to) to water activity in the dry product, for example 50% (instead of 100%), which is not a real difficulty. You may use the water sorption isotherms of your product.

    For this, it should be sufficient to maintain the air temperature in the filter, which means you may have to heat the filter walls (or at least, to have good insulation), in order to keep air over this limit (which may be far over the dew point).
    Besides, if you use pressurized air to clean the filter cyclically by counter current flow, it is a cause of air refreshing, and product moisturizing. So, you must heat this air too, or use another way of cleaning the bag (mechanical shakers, ...).

    Good luck. JV
    PS : best regards to Dr Wohlbier, who sent the message

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    Author Guest
    Please direct your contact for fabric filters to Bob Pirrmann at 770
    693-2135 or

    For the type of bag fabric, I suggest you contact Mr. Clinton B. Scoble
    Jr. with

    BWF America, Inc.
    7453 Empire Drive #340
    Florence, KY 41042
    Phone: (859) 282-4550
    FAX: (859) 282-4555

    They have a collector bag material that may be able to resist the moisture

    Jim Boen
    Benetech, Inc.
    Direct Phone: 770 693-2113
    Sales FAX: 770 693-2102
    Direct Digital FAX: 770 693-2108
    Cell Phone: 770 714-2771

  6. Fabric for fluid bed dryer

    Expanded ptfe treated filter media is very successful in handling very high moisture levels in fluid bed dryer applications. We have several installations in the Food Industry with this type of application. The ePTFE also has a greater ability to recover from upset conditions versus other fabric style options. Feel free to contact me for more detailed information:

    BHA Group

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    Author Guest

    Dust Collection at Fluid Bed Dryer

    I suggest you contact Hosokawa Micron (offices in Summit, NJ) - they are
    probably the largest manufaturers of bag houses - used to be Micropul, now Hosokawa Micron's Environmental Division

    Mr. Warren Fuller
    Paul O. Abbé Inc.
    139 Center Ave.
    Little Falls, NJ 07424

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    Braulio Guest


    Thank you for all your coments and recomendation.
    I need to say also that each fluid bed dryer (there are three) has a positive disp. fan of 41,000 CFM. The temperature at the outlet of the dryer will be 60 ºC.
    Do you think is too large for a baghouse? or there is no problem with that.

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    Author Guest

    Dust Collection at Fluid Bed Dryer

    Dear Mr. Alvarez,

    High humidity need not necessarily be a problem to a baghouse, but test to
    characterize your gases and dust would be needed. We would be very glad to assist you with such work. Please send us any more information if you are
    interested in a study.


    Cameron Harris

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    Author Guest

    Dust Collection at fluid Bed Dryer

    The equipment that would take care of the dust collection portion of this
    particular application would best be supplied by companies such as American
    Air Filter, Donaldson/Torit, Griffin Environmental and the like.

    Our product (compressed air filtration and purification) would then be needed to operate the bag cleaners on these types of collectors.

    The issue of condensation in the exhaust line is not uncommon, and is
    typically handled by having insulation on the pipe leading from the source.

    Bill Ulrich
    Van Air Systems Inc.
    2950 Mechanic St.
    Lake City PA 16423-2095
    814-774-2631 Phone
    800-840-9906 Phone
    814-774-0778 Fax

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