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    Could anyone explain the penetration of magnetite ( from the protective oxide film) through the grain boundaries of the inner surface in a low carbon steel ( SA213 T11) of a superheater.
    It could be related with the spheroidization of pearlite ??.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Marco Aurelio Flores-Verdugo

    Marco Aurelio Flores-Verdugo


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    magnetite penetration

    i believe you are refering to a form of interganular corrosion.

    magnetite might be forming in the intergranular boundaries , do you have a metalurgical microscope picture or a SEM ? to take a look, i am no metalurgist but have several friends that are and rate between the best.

    we have worked in superheaters for hidrogen co mixtures for 25 years and they have developed severall treatments to disolve carbides and reduce or eliminate metal dusting , so they might be usefull.


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