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Thread: Ultra Fine Milling of Polymer Powders

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    Ultra Fine Milling of Polymer Powders

    I need help finding a means of fine grinding polymer powders such as Nylon6 to fine particle size. The aim is to produce a product 97% passing 20 micron. Tried established cryogenic milling systems but struggle to achieve the fineness. Also throughput is low and liquid nitrogen consumption is high.

    Any help kindly received. Please respond by posting reply or sending e-mail to

  2. We got your request

    1)What is the production capacity

    2)Can you send small sample

    3)After, we can confirm a test will be possible or not

    Prodex International
    Po box 46
    F 77502 Chelles Cedex

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    George Baker

    George Baker

    Vice President General Manager

    Assinck Ltd.

    Assinck Ltd.

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    fine grinding

    i have personal experience with both cryogenic freezing of materials and quick.........and that is the key.......feed into a fine hi speed grinder setup......

    you may contact me at if you want more info.

    kind regards, GEORGE BAKER

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    we can assist you with engineering and equipment.
    Our engineering department, headed by former Hosokawa people, can complete a first study at Euro 1100

    Also check out

    Hans Kwist - Director
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    The Netherlands
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