TENDER 9999/02
Coal Stacking - Reclaiming System
for Sale

1. The Port and Railways Authority - Israel (hereinafter "The P.R.A.") offers for sale
Coal Stacking/Reclaiming System (hereafter the "System")

2. The System was installed in a stockyard located near the Port of Ashdod –Israel on 1989. The System is in good working condition and includes, inter alia, the following items:
2.1 2 "Stephen - Adamson", bucket wheel stacker/reclaimers .
2.2 Loading system to trains including Train.
2.3 13 different belt conveyors.
2.4 Coal sizing System including 200 tons/hour screen and belt conveyors.
2.5 Spare parts.
All as specified in the Tender documetnts.

3. The System is sold subject to an inspection made by the Buyer, as one complete system or in parts, on "As is Where is" basis. The P.R.A. has not made and make no representaion whatsoever as to the state, condition, quantity, quality and performance of the equipment.
A technical inspection of the System is subject to pre-coordination.

4. Removal the System from site
4.1 The Buyer shall remove the equipment from its storage place and shall evacuate it from the site, without sorting and without leaving any remnant,
according to the time and manner as specified.

5. Submission of Proposals
5.1 Proposals may be submitted for the complete System or any part of it.
5.2 The proposal must include an unconditional and autonomic bid bond in the value equal to USD 20,000. The bond must be valid until August 1st, 2002.
5.3 The proposal must be valid until August 1st, 2002.
5.4 The proposal is to be submitted in a sealed envelope. The envelope will be marked: Tender No 9999/02.

6. Tender documents including technical specifications are available at the address hereunder upon payment equal to USD 100 (including VAT).
The last date to submit proposals is Wednesday May 1st, 2002 at 1500 hours.

7. The address for obtaining the Tender documents an for submitting proposals:
The Ports and Railways Authority - Head Office
Purchase Division
Tel: +972-3-5657064
Fax: +972-3-5616027
E-mail: pinhase@israports.org.il
74 Menahem Begin (Petach Tikvah) Road, 11th floor, Room 1103

8. The PRA reserve the right to award the contract to the one or more of the Bidders whose proposal were found to be the most favorable to the PRA and which best serve the interests of the PRA.

9. The P.R.A. reserves the right to conduct negotiations with those bidders that were found to be suitable.

10. The PRA reserves the right to cancel this tender in case the proposals will not exceed a reasonable level. In such a case the bid bonds according to section 6.2.2 above, will be returned to the Bidders but the bidders will not be compensated for their expenses.