Effective January 1st, 2002, Mr. Fritz Becker is appointed Managing Director, MikroPul GmbH & Co. KG. Mr. Becker brings with him extensive international experience within various engineering sectors, including several key sales and management positions in the US. Before joining MikroPul, Mr. Becker had responsibilities in leading companies from grinding, cement, and environmental areas.

The former Managing Director, Wim J. Swinkels, left MikroPul to take over another engineering company outside the Beacon Group.

MikroPul GmbH & Co. KG Koeln is a leading supplier of industrial air filtration and gas cleaning systems. The company’s product line ranges from individual units such as bag filters, scrubbers or cyclones to highly engineered turn-key systems including peripherals (e.g. dry scrubbing systems, high temperature filters, wet operated tubular electrostatic precipitators etc.). MikroPul backs up the products through a full line of services including parts service, inspections, maintenance and rebuilding as well as a laboratory and test center for various (customer) trials and tests.

MikroPul is part of Beacon Industrial Manufacturing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Beacon Industrial Group, focusing on filtration, separation and engineering businesses.

MikroPul GmbH & Co. KG
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email: info@mikropul.de
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