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Thread: Compact sample splitter

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    ID&T Guest

    Compact sample splitter

    The usual problem in sampling systems is the space comsumption of the components.
    Usually a sample splitter takes up app. 1 mtr in high, so that the system takes up several meters in total high, if there is a 2 or 3 stage splitting system.

    ID&T has developed a compact sampler (splitter) where the sample is left in a higher position than the sample inlet of the sampler.
    That means after 3 stage splitting the sample is still at the same level as the sample inlet.

    The total high of the system is app 2 mtrs.
    All splitters is driven by only one gearmotor.

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    IQSFreiberg Guest

    sample splitter

    there is no doubt, the splitting equipment is an excellent solution. By our experience, the reliability of a sample splitting equipment as well as a spltting method essentially depends on the material used, too. The uncertainties in splitting increase as the shape and the size of the particles and lumps become more complicate.
    What can you tell about the material planned to use by the splitter?
    W. Rasemann

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    ID&T Guest
    Dear mr Rasemann

    Thank you for your reply.

    The material for this equipment must be dry and max cornsize will be 20 mm. It is especially designed to the cement clinker industry that means 10 mm, wery dry and dusty and hot.
    I know wery well what you are thinking about- it is not able to handle wet coal.

    The splitting method is common but the handling of the material inside is wery special, and this matter makes it possible to build this system so it altso is reliable.

    Just the reliabelity is a problem in sampling systems. Ususal it will not be taken any special care about it, and no maintenance will be done.

    This is my experience in building sampling systems during 11 years, first in scandinavia with RETSCH ANLAGENTECHNIK, and later joining the FL Smith group-worldwide in cement, salt and iron ore.

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