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Thread: Fabric Reinforced Conveyor Belt Condition Monitoring

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    Henk Fourie Guest

    Fabric Reinforced Conveyor Belt Condition Monitoring

    How can condition monitoring be done on fabric reinforced conveyor belts? Do anybody know of equipment that exists that can be used to do this. We apply Steelcord Reinforced Conveyor Belt Condition Monitoring with tremendous success and would like to expand it to fabric belts.

    Henk Fourie
    Technology Services International

  2. Condition Monitoring

    Dear Sir,
    our company is involved in condition monitoring fabric and steelcord reinforced belts, which are used for conveying of coal and mine spoils in mines in Czech Republic, Europe. Our customers are interested in monitoring of following subjects:
    - condition of belt splices
    - mechanical damage of belts
    - wear of top and bottom rubber cover
    - lifetime of conveyor belts

    For our customers, who use large amount of conveyors, we have designed system, which is able to display schema of conveyor belts and splices. We do survey and measurement of rubber cover wear and we propose the lifetime norms for conveyor belts in specific operational conditions. Please specify which parameters you want to monitor and what accurancy you will need? We are very interested in list of services which is provided by your company. We think that common cooperation and exchange of information will be benefit for both sides.
    VVV MOST spol. s r.o.
    TOPOLOVA 1234
    ZIP 434 01 MOST

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