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Thread: High Temperature Rotary Valves

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    Henry Guest

    High Temperature Rotary Valves


    Does anyone have experience of using rotary valves at 800 degrees C.

    As we are considering using one at this temperature, I am interested in knowing what problems I can expect.

    Much obliged.


  2. High Temperature Rotary Valves

    Hi Henry,
    I very much doubt if you will source a rotary valve that would operate at these temperatures due to thermal expansion of the rotor/housing. Have you considered screw conveyors, mass flow meters?

  3. Henry,

    Our company has supplied numerous high temperature rotary valves in excess of 1,000 F. Key to succesful operation is selecting correct materials, bearing arrangements, heat shields and allowing for thermal expansion.

    Please contact us for more information.

    Thanks, Paul Golden

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    Armin Schulz Guest
    Hallo Henry,

    we have built several rotary valves for temperatures up to 800 °C. The main points are, that you need special material (e.g. AISI 309), special couplings, heat resistant sealings and bearings. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

    With kind regards

    Armin Schulz

    J. Engelsmann AG

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    Christoph Guest

    High temperature rotary valves

    Hi Henry,

    we have already build rotary valves and other devices for temperatures up to 800°C.
    What problems you can expect is dependent from your specification and process.
    In your case we have to select the suitable material for the housing/rotor and seals.
    If you are interested in an offer of us, we would be pleased to receive your inquiry.

    Kind regards


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    Marco Aurelio Flores-Verdugo

    Marco Aurelio Flores-Verdugo


    Tecmen S.A. de C.V.

    Tecmen S.A. de C.V.

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    Hot Rotary Valves

    Dear friends .

    We have designed built and used high temperature rotary valves, for some 15 years now.

    These valves are large 24 inch inlet, off center rotor with cluster breaking 3000 kg mt torque. Due to the rotor design, they have low particle breakage and hardly any vibration. They are installed in Venezuela, Russia, Mexico and India. They are not intnded to seal pressure, nor to have any pressure drop through the rotor, as they have wide clearances. The rotor shaft is water cooled. Some of them have refractory lining inside; others, have their body water-cooled. We have used incoloy rotors and also 304 Stainless Steel. You have to be careful with the welds and with the overall design as thermal expansion, during heating-up, and cooling, can break the rotor apart. You also have to be careful with your water jackets as stresses and thermal expansion can also cause leaks. Hard lining is applied to the surfaces exposed to abrasion and every year they have to undrgo repairs. Most of these valves work at rates higher than 100 tons/hour, and, if you are interested, you can contact HYL Steel Technology. I believe they have a site

    I hope this is helpful,
    Marco Flores
    Consultant in:
    Sponge Iron (DRI) handling
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    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants
    Phone 5281 8300 4456.

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