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    pipe conveyors

    we are looking for a pipe conveyor to transport 1000 TPH of cement over 1 km distance. companies and individuals who manufcture/design this equipment kindly get in touch with us. e mail:

  2. Pipe conveyor offer

    We are company with several years of experineces in the area of pipe conveyor transportation. We are able to prepare an offer for you. We need additional information regarding to the vertical and horizontal profile of the conveyor route. What wil be the maximal peak (momental) volume of transported material. What's the loading weight and temperature of conveyed material? We are also producer of this technology. Our last project with pipe conveyor we have realizated in France for company CHAUX et DOLOMIES FRANCAISES near city NEAU. This facility belongs to industrial group BALTHAZARD-CDF.

    Sincerely Yours
    Dipl. Ing. PAVEL PFLEGER

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    Lawrence K. Nordell

    Lawrence K. Nordell

    President and CEO

    Conveyor Dynamics Inc.

    Conveyor Dynamics Inc.

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    Dear Sirs

    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.(CDI) has experience in the design of pipe conveyors. I request you enquire through CKIT's Phil Staplesi n South Africa. I will provide the coordinates.

    Lawrence Nordell
    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.
    1111 West Holly St
    Bellingham, WA 98225
    ph 360/671-2200
    fx 360/671-8450

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