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  1. Cool Welcome to New Site

    Welcome to the Powder Processing - Classification, Screening and Size Reduction Forum. Please feel free to ask for advice and information relating to the processing of powders and the use of equipment/systems to manipulate powder particle size distributions.

    Our members and guests can help answer your queries-

    What equipment should I use?
    What is the best process route?
    Who manufacturers equipment I need?
    Who can offer powder processing services?
    I have a process problem can any one help?

    I hope that you will find this forum useful and I look forward to reading your contributions.

    Best regards to you all,

    Malcolm Cunningham.
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    Laurie Burow Guest

    Question air classification principals

    I want to find basic data relating to air classification. This is not a specific issue.

    Can I access anything on-line or will I need to find specific books?
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    BERT Guest
    There is a guy called Swaroksky I think, based at the University of Bradford who has wrote books on Air Classification and it's principles. Malcolm Cunningham would know.

    A lot of the knowledge I've gained has basically been ' on the job'

    Hope this helps.

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