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    Italvibras MTF Series

    March 10, 2006

    Latest news on the MTF series

    The MTF series of flanged vertical electric vibrators is
    enriched with new products (MTF-S02) and a innovative mass regulation system

    The MTF series utilizes new innovative methods which highlight its performance and reliability. These electric vibrators are especially ideal for round sifters and small to medium sieves and comply with the latest IEC and EN International norms for the use of potentially explosive powders in the atmosphere (ATEX II 2 D - zones 21 and 22). Series MTF-E meets specific internal norms (ATEX II 2 G,D) if used in zones 1 and 2 (gas).

    New models 3/65, 3/200, 3/300, 3/500 resume the S-02 constructive philosophy which has already been introduced in other Italvibras electric vibrator series: modern design, larger bearings and an innovative system for fixing the flange. In the new MTF-S02 models, electric winding is submitted to complete vacuum encapsulation thus guaranteeing totally exceptional insulation.

    Lamellar mass adjustment has been made extremely simple and efficient for MTF-S02 models. Using an indexing plate, this patented system allows different angles between upper and lower mass, depending on the product to be treated, in order to obtain the maximum yield from the vibrating machine. The client can therefore create a customised regulation table.

    For more information, please visit:
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