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Thread: DLS & Multimodal size distributions

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    naik Guest

    Question DLS & Multimodal size distributions

    Dynamic Light Scattering is very useful for sub-micron particle size analysis. For simple PSDs that can be approximated by a single-peak uni-modal distribution, a Gaussian analysis gives reliable results.

    However a cursory reading of literature indicates that this technique is not good at characterizing polydisperse particle size distributions (PSDs).

    For sub-micron particles (say, 100nm- 2 micron range), what other particle size analysis methods are the forum readers aware of... i.e. a technique that can provide PSDs for sub-micron particles with a wide distribution (maybe multi-modal since the particles are the end result of a grinding operation). I am not interested in time-consuming methods such as imaging techniques like TEM.

    Note: Typically, for my application, the solid particles are suspended in water or an organic liquid like hexane.

    Thanks for any inputs.

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    DGriffiths Guest

    DLS & Multimodal distributions


    I just discovered this forum, so my reply is very delayed.

    For the size range 100nm to 2 micron, there are static light scattering (Mie/Fraunhofer) instruments from several vendors that cover that size range and can easily measure multi-modal distributions.

    DLS has in the past been limited in it's ability to accurately respond to multi-modal distributions, but there are a number of newer DLS instruments that use a different mathematical approach that responds well to multi-modes. I'm not sure of all the units on the market, but Horiba is one.

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