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Would you be interested in a Bulk Grain Handling Project of the Govt. Sector, the project involves

1. BOOT system of operation (Build, own operate and transport basis) of
food grain – like Warehousing (Silos), Railways Wagons (specially
designed) and infrastructure providing.

2. This would involve investing around 70 million USD, which can be
secured through various means. We require the following information
from you .

i) Are you experienced a BOO, BOOT or BOLT system anywhere in the
World especially in the field of grain handling [Warehousing &
Transportation (Road or Rail)].
ii) Have you done Silos – “Steel or Concrete” of minimum project
value 1000 million Rs. (20 million USD approx.)
iii) Have your done any other single, engineering or any other type of
project of 20 million USD and above.
iv) Were planning & designing involved in these projects?
v) Did you operate (run) these projects.
vi) We would also like to know your Company’s strength financially &
also viz a viz.
a) Net worth &
b) Net Accruals for the last three financial years. Would you handle such
a project single-handed or as a JV/consortium of 3 to 4 members

In Return, Govt. of India shall give a 100% utilization guarantee for a period of 10 years and 75% utilization guarantee for the next 10 years. In case we have not handled this big projects and are interested, please do reply, with your maximum details & we shall then suggest JV/consortium partners to you, which are allowed. Arrangement of finances also should not be difficult as we have lot of benefits from various Tax Deptt’s of the Govt. for Project Executors as well as for Institutions who finance this project.

Please confirm immediately your interest and what kind of arrangement is preferred by you. The arrangement between ourselves has to be finalised by the 20th of January, latest 25th, so that, we put our paper by the first week of February.

We are a Trading, Engineering, Warehousing & Transportation Company from India and would like to be associated and are capable of handling :

i) Putting the proposal papers, and doing the necessary follow up with
various government organizations to get it cleared.
ii) As we are doing Warehousing and transportation for Steel &
Petroleum Companies, we are regularly liasioning with Railway
iii) As an Engineering Company, we can provide/organize the man power
required to carry such a erection/setting up job and getting required
iv) In Setting up & running the project, we can do the Liaison part.
v) Been associated, with the Distribution of Food grain system of India
for the last 30 to 35 years, we know, what king of problems will be
faced in setting & running of such projects in India from the ground
root level to the Top level.
vi) Organize various clearances and as where it is required, in short, we
are capable of looking after the Indian Affairs.
vii) We will invest up to 10%.

Please treat this message as urgent and confirm your interest immediately. We re-assure you it is safe and good business.

For the first time, Govt. is allowing Private Sector participation in Infrastructure building and if we are the Pioneers, it will be very easy in future. This sector has immense scope in India.

Please do clarify/suggest. We shall be happy to answer/hear.

Waiting for a prompt response, in case.

Best Regards

Project Co-ordinator
Raj Engg. Group
Office : # 1191, Sector – 7, Panchkula – Chandigarh (India)
Tel.: +172-596045
Fax: +172-596045
E-mail : rengg@rediffmail.com