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Thread: Unique Licensing Opportunity

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    Keith Van Gorp Guest

    Unique Licensing Opportunity

    Owing to circumstances a unique opportunity is now offered.

    The engineering marketing and manufacturing rights to the unique Wagonwheel Bulk Material Storage and Reclaim systems are offered for exclusive license to organisations that have in-house capacity in Engineering Design, Marketing, Manufacturing and Construction.

    The Wagonwheel System is a newly developed totally automated bulk solids storage and reclaim system. The system is also a proficient blending station and boasts area to volume ratios exceeding other systems. Suited to almost any bulk solids the system may in single cell configuration manage volumes from 2,000m3 to 200,000 m3. In Addition, Wagonwheel has numerous other advantages.

    Areas considered for Licensing are USA and Canada as well as the Asian Pacific region.

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    Wagonwheel Bulk Handling System

    Dear Sirs,

    Please send full details of your System and licencee terms
    alongwith your techno commercial Brochures/Catalogues
    and a reference list of installations.

    Also please indicate if you are interested in promoting a
    joint venture in India with your Equity Participation and if
    so,please intimate a date for further discussions.

    Please contact:

    General Manager-BMHS,
    Scorpio Engg Ltd
    2C,Nutech Mahal, 12th Avenue,
    Ashok Nagar, Chennai 600 083 India
    Tel:+ 91 44 489 5956
    Fax:+91 44 471 0550

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    Please send details of your product & licensing information to:

    Ward Industrial Equipment Ltd.,
    123 Victoria St. P.O.Box 511
    Welland, Ontario.
    L3B 5R3

    Attention: A.J. Rawlins, Sales Manager

    You can see our capabilties at our website :

    Thank you,
    Al Rawlins.


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